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I would like to use Scala Virtualized in a Maven based Scala-2.10 project. The Scala Virtualized wiki only has instructions for SBT which suggest you only need to channge scalaOrganization from "org.scala-lang" to "org.scala-lang.virtualized" in build.sbt. This would suggest that for maven you need to change the <groupId> of scala-library in the pom.xml files. It seems that the Scala Maven plugin figures out what scala-compiler to get from the scala library you use, since I see no mention of scala-compiler in any of our pom.xml files. In any case changing the groupId of scala-library in the pom.xml files by itself does not work. I did make sure to have the scala-library varsion in the parent pom.xml correspond to a version that exists for Scala Virtualized (2.10.2-RC1).

What (else) do I need to do?

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I have opened a ticket here: http://goo.gl/anZyE and prepared a patch here: http://goo.gl/U43qs anyone to test it ?

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I am running into issue #70. We were on maven-scala-plugin-2.15.2. If I just upgrade to the released scala-maven-plugin-3.1.5 the build fails because it does not seem to be able to see some of the classes. If I update our pom.xml with the currently recommended <plugin> declaration. then I get duplicate class error for one of our test classes both in 2.15.2 and 3.1.5. The pom.xml difference that brings about issue #70 is the <goal>add-source</goal> line inside the process-resources phase. Our project build on 2.15.2 without it. – Daniel Mahler Jul 12 '13 at 16:52

the groupId of scala-library, scala-compiler is hard-coded into the plugin. The informations (version, ...) of scala-compiler are computed from the scala-library dependencies.

You can open a ticket and ask to support other groupId (may be configurable one or not hard-coded). You can fork, made the change, and submit a patch / pull request.

UPDATE : scala-mavent-plugin 3.1.6 include the patch from evantill (thanks) So you can override the default scalaOrganization

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