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I have the following function:

f(x) = (x2 + x1x3x5)(x4 + x3x5x6)(x5 + x6)

How can I make the expression like:

f(x) = x1x2x3 + x2x3x4 + ...

out of this? Is there any method?

I'm not sure if SO is the right place to post this...I guess it's not, but still, I found the tag and around 100 posts with it, so here I am :P

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As far as I remember the boolean algebra you can just multiply them as ordinary numbers. So (x2 + x1x3x5)(x5 + x6) will be x2x5 + x2x6 + x1x3x5x5 + x1x3x5x6. But again as far as I remember this applied only to "AND" not to "OR"

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Well this looks more like a math question.

But if I understand what you want correctly it would look like this

x2x4x5+x2x4x6+x2x3x5x6x5+x2x3x5x6x6+x1x3x5x4 ext. 

basically (a1+a2)a3=a1a3+a2a3 (a1+a2)(a3+a4)=a1a3+a1a4+a2a3+a3a4

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Here you go:

(x2x4x5 + x1x3x5)(x4x6) + (x2x5 + x1x3x5)(x3x5x6)
(x2x4x5x6 + x1x3x4x5x6) + (x2x5 + x1x3x5)(x3x5x6)
x2x4x5x6 + x1x3x4x5x6 + x2x3x5x6 + x1x3x5x6
x2x4x5x6 + x1x3(x4x5x6 + x5x6) + x2x3x5x6
x2x5x6(x4+1) + x1x3(x4x5x6 + x5x6)
x2x4x5x6 + x1x3(x5x6(x4+1))
x2x4x5x6 + x1x3(x4x5x6)
x2x4x5x6 + x1x3x4x5x6

I probably made a mistake somewhere, so you should test it first.

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Your original:

f(x) = (x2 + x1x3x5)(x4 + x3x5x6)(x5 + x6)

Now using some simple maths:

f(x) = (x2x4 + x2x3x5x6 + x1x3x5x4 + x1x3x5x3x5x6)(x5 + x6)

f(x) = x2x4x5 + x2x3x5x6x5 + x1x3x5x4x5 + x1x3x5x3x5x6x5 + x2x4x6 + x2x3x5x6x6 + x1x3x5x4x6 + x1x3x5x3x5x6x6

Simplifying gets us the answer (though not necessarily shorter),

f(x) = x2x4x5 + x2x3x5x6 + x1x3x5x4x5 + x1x3x5x6 + x2x4x6 + x2x3x5x6 + x1x3x5x4x6 + x1x3x5x6
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