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I've recently install a lamp on fedora 18 and Symfony2. Then I exported my bundles and the routing files.

It appears my routes don't work anymore.

this is the address I'd like to access:


and it gets me: No route found for "GET /chartofaccounts"

in app/config routing_dev.yml

resource: routing.yml


resource: "@NRtworksChartOfAccountsBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
prefix: /

and in that bundle's routing file:

pattern:  /chartofaccounts
defaults: { _controller: NRtworksChartOfAccountsBundle:ChartOfAccounts:index }

I've tried path instead of pattern (by the way what's the difference?).

When I run php app/console router:debug I have no route defined for /chartofaccounts One strange thing, if I delete the /demo route from routing_dev.yml, it still works.

Is there something I'm missing or something different in a unix system (the bundle seems correctly loaded so i guess there is no path issue) ?


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I suggest you remove your cache (php app/console cache:clear) - if you remove a route and it still works then this sounds very much like caching.

With regards to the path vs pattern question - from the Routing Docs

New in version 2.2: The path option is new in Symfony2.2, pattern is used in older versions.

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right I had emptied the cache before but it did not actually work because FOSuserbundle was not correctly set up. I did it again and saw the error... I was right to move to linux: page generation 160 ms vs 800ms on windows thanks –  Eagle1 Jul 4 '13 at 20:50

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