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I need to test a function when an inside variable equals different things


Function() {
  var test = "to be changed"
  return stuffHapennedToTestVariable


I need to change the test variable value to multiple strings to test the returned result.

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if they are pre-defined strings, can't you use an array and a static counter to increment through the array each time it's called? –  John Carter Jul 3 '13 at 22:07

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You can't it the way the function works in your example. There is the pattern of IOC or dependency injection. The idea is to inject the dependencies of an object/function instead of creating a new instance in the object/function. So in your case, having a variable and set it to a string is the same thing as creating a new instance. So the only way to test it with different strings is to pass in the strings into the function:

function functionTotest(test) {
  return stuffHapennedToTestVariable

var result = functionTotest( "to be changed")
expect(result).toBe("expected result")
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