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Currently I am working on a ASP .Net MVC project using angularjs where I need to instanciate a variable with a value stored in a .resx file which contains a static string and angularjs scope variables which are binded to specific values in the controller. Below is the HTML and respective code :

Here is the HTML

<div ng-controller="myCtrl">

     {{myvariable = '@Resource.Value' }}





where Resource.Value is a string contained in a .resx file with the following content:

' The First Name and Last Name is :' + LastName FirstName

Here is the angular controller:

function myCtrl($scope) {

      $scope.LastName = 'Boxer';
      $scope.FirstName = 'Jack';

     $scope.fullName  =  $scope.myvariable;


Here the result of fullName becomes : "The First Name and Last Name is : null null"

but the expected result should be : "The First Name and Last Name is : Boxer Jack"

How can I accomplish the expected result "The First Name and Last Name is : Boxer Jack"

Any help will appreciated.

Note : I need to accomplish this because I am using locale resources files for different languages use and I need to display templated messages which its content can change dinamically

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It seems that when you set myVariable the resource should become a string value in javascript. So this:

{{myvariable = @Resource.Value }}

would become this:

{{myvariable = '@Resource.Value' }}
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I already tried that but the result is the same – user1489941 Jul 3 '13 at 22:04

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