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I have an integer value my $reading = 1200;.

I have an array my @DigitField = "000000000";

I want to replace the right-hand 4 elements of the array with $reading's value, and I want to do this programmatically using Perl's length function as shown below.

I've tried.

my @DigitField = "000000000";
my $reading = 1200;
splice @DigitField, length(@DigitField) + 1, length $reading, $reading;
print @DigitField;

but I'm getting


and I want the string to remain nine characters wide.

What are some other ways to replace part of a Perl string array?

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I think you are possibly confused - the @ sigil indicates @DigitField is an array variable. A string is not an array.

I think you want to format the number:

my $reading = 1200;
my $digitfield = sprintf('%09d', $reading);
print $digitfield, "\n";

I added a \n to the end of the print, this adds a newline. Depending on the context of your program, you may or may not want this in the final.

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Yes, I did confuse it. Thanks. –  octopusgrabbus Jul 3 '13 at 22:15

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