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There is lots of tk stuff out there, but none of it seems to so exactly what I want it to do... CreateOk below will create a message box(without another main window) and return the result upon pressing ok. I would like to create a box that behaves like the ok box, but prompts the user for text input and returns the text upon clicking a submit button. I have also posted my attempt below.

sub CreateOk
   my ($statement, $title) = @_;
   my $return;

   if (defined($statement))
      my $main_window = MainWindow->new();

      $return = $main_window->messageBox(
         -title   => $title // 'Ok pop-up',
         -message => $statement,
         -type    => 'OK',
         -icon    => 'question',
      cluck "No message given for OK pop-up!";


And this is my attempt

sub CreatePrompt
   my ($question, $title) = @_;
   my $pop_up;

   if (defined($question))
      my $main_window = MainWindow->new();

      my $winMain = MainWindow->new(
         -title => $title // 'User Input',
         -text => $question
      )->pack( -side => 'left' );

      my $entName = $winMain->Entry(
         -textvariable => \$pop_up
      $entName->pack( -side => 'left' );
         -text    => 'Show',
         -command => sub{ close; }
      )->pack( -side => 'left' );


But this will create the main window and the popup, how do I just create the popup like before?

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Why do you create $main_window at all if you're not using it? – Slaven Rezic Sep 2 '13 at 15:16

Why not use the MessageBox and DialogBox?

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messageBox has no way of getting user input and DialogBox seems to open the mainwindow too – Eric Fossum Jul 8 '13 at 17:09

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