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I looked into the "text" table in the SQL database and found the fields for the page contents rather complicated. Was trying to use WhatLinksHere but got myself into a bigger mess.

I believe there must be a simple method that I can use, judging from the ReplaceText extension, as well as the Search php files. But those files do really look cryptic to me, since they referenced some other files. I wonder if anyone can help me out on this.

(P/S: I looked into the "pagelinks" table and saw only pl_from. Wonder why there is no pl_to?)

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Template transclusions are recorded in the templatelinks table, not in pagelinks.

The format of both tables is the same: the tl_from field contains the page ID of the linking / transcluding page, while the fields tl_namespace and tl_title contain the namespace and normalized (DB key form, i.e. underscores for spaces) title of the target page being transcluded.

For templatelinks, the target namespace will usually be 10 (Template), but this need not always be the case: pages in any namespace can be transcluded using the syntax {{Namespace:Title}} (or just {{:Title}} for pages in the main namespace).

The reason for this asymmetry is that, while the transcluding page must, necessarily, exist, there's no guarantee that the template being transcluded does. Thus, the target page might not have a page ID, and so we need to refer to it using its title (and namespace).

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