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10 years ago, I read one of those Teach Yourself HTML in 24 Hours books and haven't looked into developing for the web since.

I'm currently trying to learn C# and Silverlight and make my way into the world of professional software development. I'm not specifically targeting the web, but if I put up a personal website, I'd like to be able to explore the programming options available to me.

I'd like to start a website that allows me to host a blog, show off my work, and provide me a basic sandbox for learning to program for the web. However, I'm not sure of what kind of web-hosting package to fit my needs. Site's like JustHost.com offer open-source web hosting for under $4/month, where a site like MaximumAsp.com offer shared hosting for $49/month and virtual hosting for $99/month.

I would prefer to work in the ASP.NET space with MS SQL for data, but I'm not sure what the premium would be.

Here are my priorities (in order from top to bottom):

  • Affordable (between $5 and $25 per month)
  • Easy to start and maintain a blog and other "content"
  • Able to host Silverlight
  • ASP.NET if possible
  • MS SQL DB if possible
  • Reliable

Part of the problem is that I don't know what programming limitations I have if I go with a shared site instead of a site with full access to a machine (virtual or physical). For example, if installing a blog engine on an ASP.NET site requires root access, that may not be the best choice for me.

Any help guiding me in the right direction for a "developer-friendly" web host would be much appreciated.

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I've tried a few and my favorite is Applied Innovations http://appliedi.net, make sure you sign up for their IIS7 shared hosting and you'll be able to connect up using IIS7 Remote Management. They are very developer friendly and responsive.

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What's the benefit of IIS7 shared hosting? –  Ben McCormack Nov 20 '09 at 18:54

UPDATE: Since the time that this was originally posted, WebHost4Life changed ownership and/or hosting models. Several users in the reviews at asp.net's web site have noticed difficulties with their website and billing issues.

I currently use both WebHost4Life (for personal usage) and DiscountASP.NET (for small business). I have used both for 4+ years, and been very satisfied.

I like the management tools @ DiscountASP.NET better, but the WebHost4Life prices are more attractive (MS SQL is in included in the $10/month plan, it is an additional $10/month add-on at DiscountASP.NET).

Had some stability issues with email @ WebHost4Life some years ago, but no issues in recent history.

Links to basic features are at:

DiscountASP.NET features

WebHost4Life features

Note that the WebHost4Life $5/month plan does not support Silverlight.

Both of these providers are offering shared servers (obviously), but both allow creation of multiple ASP.NET application roots, and you should have no problems with setting up and hosting a blog engine like DasBlog (or any other) with either.

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I ended up going with the $9.95 plan at WebHost4Life. We'll see how this goes. –  Ben McCormack Nov 25 '09 at 22:57
UPDATE: I have mixed feelings about WebHost4Life. They changed their hosting model and that broke my permalink structure on my WordPress blog, which was really annoying. I'm currently looking at other web hosts. –  Ben McCormack Aug 9 '10 at 17:06

Here is a free ASP.NET hosting for beginners. http://aspspider.com/

It is meant as a temporary solution while you are still learning asp.net so it is good for folks who want to dabble without putting money down.

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We've used WebHost4Life and they are reasonably priced. For $9.95 a month, you get ASP.Net hosting, and MS SQL Server. We've deployed Silverlight apps with success, along with web services etc.

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I use winhost.com. $4.95/month for 1GB of web space and 500MB SQL 2008 database.

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GoDaddy will give you all that in their $4.99/month economy package. I've used them for years.

They have lots of Blog and CMS packages available and installable through the control panel to.

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I'm using Softsys Hosting, they're pretty cheap (as low as 3.50$/month) and I'm quite happy with them.

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