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I have the following crosstab using a DMR :

                      Real   Forecast
 Car's  Revenue       XXXX   AAA * IGPM
 Bike's Revenue       YYYY   BBB * ISS

and I have a taxes table :

 Period      Tax     %
 201201      IGPM   1,5
 201201      ISS    0,5

How I calculate the measure Forecast, that depending on the line (account) and period, the rate to be used is different.


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In your Revenue table you must need an item Tax which indicates the Tax used for the Forecast item. Then you can right-click to the crosstab and go to query. Here, you apply a filter like the following : Revenue.Tax=Taxes.Tax and Revenue.Period=Tax.Period

Finally you create a calculated measure (maybe you cannot make this in a cross tab, so choose a list) Taxes.% * Revenue.Real

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