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Here's my code so far:

 contents = []
    GPSfilename = input("GPS Data file name:")
    Datafilename = input("Data file name:")
    for fname in (GPSfilename, Datafilename):
        with open(fname) as f:
    separator = " " # what separates the columns?
    with open("out", "w") as outfile:
        for row in range(2):
            cl = contents[0][row].strip().split(separator)
            cr = contents[1][row].strip().split(separator) 
                    separator.join("%s%s%s" % (cl[l], separator, cr[r])
                        for l, r in order))

This is my very first python program, aside from a few tutorials, and I've almost got it doing what I need it to do. Basically I need this program to work as a post processor to take GPS NMEA data(saved as csv) and combine it with a text file. The text file will be some number of columns (could range from 2-10) at some random length. The data file's name is saved as the time of recording. That time will then need to be found in the GPS file and all data after that time in the GPS file will need to be merged with the data file. I've written code that should combine the two files, but I still need to figure out how to merge them at the right place. Also, I keep getting a "list index out of range" error every time I run the program(along with many other errors). What do you recommend I do? Thanks!

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