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I need to redirect all traffic with an URL including "#" character and replace the character by XYZ.

For example, a request to


needs to be redirected to


the # can be anywhere in the URL query

Is it possible to do it with an htaccess ? AFAIK it won't work with PHP because anything next to # is ignored by the script (unless you have something to suggest me)

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Is it possible to do it with an htaccess

No. The # and everything after it is a URL fragment. It's never sent to the server, thus there's no way the webserver, or mod_rewrite (or, like you said, a script like php) even knows it's there.

You're going to have to do something that's strictly on the client's end in order to change a fragment (e.g. using javascript). The htaccess file can't help you at all.

For example, see the answer to this question: Remove fragment in URL with JavaScript w/out causing page reload

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I tried the script in this link, it will remove the anchor and everything next to it. But i just want to replace # by XYZ and keep everything after the character –  Anar Choi Jul 4 '13 at 3:27

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