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I'm trying to install a yesod web application, however, one of the listed dependencies has compile-time errors as-is from Hackage. So, I downloaded the offending source, fixed it, and installed it in its own cabal-dev sandbox.

~/dev/fixed_dep$ cabal-dev install

Then I tried to install the yesod app I care about on top of that, so it would hopefully notice the fixed dependency and not try to reinstall it from Hackage:

~/dev/yesod_app$ cabal-dev install-deps -s../dev/fixed-dep/cabal-dev
~/dev/yesod_app$ yesod --dev devel

However, upon running the development server, it claims it can't find any of the dependencies.

Any ideas how to fix this mess? (*)


(*) I pushed the compile-error patch to the author's github and I imagine it will show up sooner or later on Hackage, however, I'd like to know how to fix this cabal-dev issue regardless, if it's possible!

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In the source directory for the yesod package you desire, you can add the fixed dependency via cabal-dev add-source path-to-cabalized-fixed-dependency. –  Thomas M. DuBuisson Jul 4 '13 at 3:09

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Thanks to @Thomas M. DuBuisson, this did the trick:

~/dev/yesod_app$ cabal-dev add-source ~/dev/the_dependency_folder

Where the_dependency_folder contains the .cabal file of the fixed local package to include with the main Yesod web app's cabal-dev install.

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