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Hello mates I have the following sub that is supposed to get a error log when things go bad:

sub _log_warning {
    my $log = Log::Minimal::Instance->new(
        base_dir =>
        pattern => &config->current->{'log_reader'}->{'pattern'},
    $log->infof("Could not register to DB. Got $_");

And I activate with Try::Tiny

use Try::Tiny;
try { _log_to_database(); }
catch {

To check this handles errors well, I provoke an error, a missing file error. The Log I get is:

 2013-07-04T11:46:39 [INFO] Could not register to DB. Got ã<81><9d>ã<81>®ã<82><88>ã<81>    
 <86>ã<81>ªã<83><95>ã<82>¡ã<82>¤ã<83>«ã<82><84>ã<83><87>ã<82>£ã<83 ....

I can't read this. But when I try to output the error not as a log file, but in STDOUT, I get the message well:

 The try block died with: そのようなファイルやディレクトリはありません: /var/log/....

The message is in Japanese though. How can I get the message in proper encoding (in Japanese) when the output is a log file and not stdout? I'm on centos.

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There are several things to consider here. But, firstly, where does Log::Server come from? I can't find it on CPAN. You probably need to either configure that (or, in the worse case, fix it) to be aware of Unicode.

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"Log::Server" is a module that only has a "use parent.." line to load Log::Minimal::Instance (Cpan). It's main methods are "new" and "infof" for leaving logs. I see, so basically you would suspect that Log::Minimal::Instance is where the encoding issue arises? – ado Jul 4 '13 at 23:50

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