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I am using Ruby on Rails version 3.2.13.

Here's my model definition:

module Recipes
  class Recipe < ActiveRecord::Base
    include ApplicationHelper

    attr_accessible :body, :title, :author, :photos, :tags

    has_many :photos
    has_many :favorites
    has_many :taggings
    has_many :tags, :through => :taggings

    belongs_to :author,
               :class_name => :User,
               :foreign_key => :author_id

    before_create :default_values
    before_save :create_slug

    validates_presence_of :title, :body, :author
    validates_uniqueness_of :title, :slug

    def create_slug
      self.slug = ApplicationHelper.slugify(self.title)

    def default_values
      self.view_count ||= 0

If I create a record with the title 'Test Title #1', and try to create another one with the title 'Test Title #1', I get a validation error stating the title has already been taken. If I create a record with the title 'Test Title #1', and try to create another one with the title 'Test Title 1', it succeeds. The generated slugs for both records are the same, 'test-title-1', which should not happen.

This is the code for slugify:

module ApplicationHelper
  def self.slugify(text)
    text.gsub(/[\W]+/, " ").strip.gsub(/[\s]+/, "-").downcase
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The order of operations (at least the relevant ones for your model) looks like this:

  1. before_validation callbacks.
  2. Validations.
  3. before_save callbacks.
  4. Save to database.

You can find a complete list in the Active Record Callbacks Guide.

So your create_slug method (a before_save callback) is called after the validations have been performed. If you want to ensure that your slugs are unique you should:

before_validation :create_slug

so that the slug will be set up before the validations execute.

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