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i want to have a combo box like element in my page. For that i am thinking to use html select tag. On selecting any element of the combo box, i want the list of items to expand (Just like folder tree). How to do that?

<select name="mydropdown">
<option value="Milk">Fresh Milk</option>
<option value="Cheese">Old Cheese</option>
<option value="Bread">Hot Bread</option>

On selecting Hot bread it should expand dynamically & show types of breads.

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search for expanding tree, or dynamic tree on google, you'll get some examples like this dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/navigate1.htm –  Seth McClaine Jul 4 '13 at 4:27

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This would be done with optgroup, example: "la liste déroulante", visible option "France".
But loading/completing it dynamically will probably cause accessibility problems... And an annoying problem with optgroup, by design, is that it groups options and has a label but this label can't be selected itself (in the above example you can choose a country but not a continent).

A serie of select was often seen: choose an option in a first select, click button "Choose continent", following select get populated depending on what you chose in the first select, click second button "Choose country" and get your result (or populate a third select, etc).

A tree is far more versatile (it's a bunch of lists and links, same HTML structure than a sitemap or a navigation list (of lists)) but it's harder to implement it. A very good example based on jQuery UI can be found at: jQtest by Hans Hillen.

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Here is a good example which worked for me:

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