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I have a Chef recipe with a ruby_block containing this:

myoutput = `keytool -import -alias #{al} -keystore #{ks} -storepass #{pw} -file #{ca} -trustcacerts -noprompt`
puts ":" + myoutput + ":"
Chef::Log.error('Error installing CA Cert') unless myoutput.include? "Certificate was added to keystore"

(All of the variables are properly set.) Here's the relevant output:

Certificate was added to keystore
[2013-07-03T21:26:41-07:00] ERROR: Error installing CA Cert

Notice the ::. Why isn't myoutput being set correctly? When I run that command by hand, I get the expected output. The command in the backticks does what it's supposed to, so I know it's running, but for some reason the standard output from the command is not getting assigned to myoutput and I can't figure out why. Any ideas? Thanks -- Dave

Edit: the reason is because the output of this particular 'keytool' invocation is going to stderr, not stdout.

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use double-quotes to get your variable interpreted young padawan. –  oldergod Jul 4 '13 at 5:03

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It could be that the output is directed to STDERR instead of STDOUT. Try this:

myoutput = `keytool -import -alias #{al} -keystore #{ks} -storepass #{pw} -file #{ca} -trustcacerts -noprompt 2>&1`

I don't have any certificate to import to test this, but running `keytool` alone sends output to STDERR, whereas `keytool 2>&1` works fine. So I'm guessing this application writes to STDERR normally (very odd).

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That is exactly the reason! That is unusual behavior but I confirmed it here. Thank you very much! –  f8ster Jul 4 '13 at 6:04

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