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I have created a module in my openerp 7 . I have made a simple button but unable to declare functions to this button . I dont know the syntax because I am facing xml issues when creating the logic . I am lacking in syntax .

Plz help

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In openerp you can create 3 types of buttons

  1. button with type='workflow': This is the default type if you don't specify any type. If you have created a workflow for your model and you want to change the functionality of the button depending on the state/status, then you can use type='workflow'. You can find example in sale order

  2. button with type='object': If you want to call a specific function defined in your model, then use type='object'. For example, let 'my.test.model' is your model and you have created.

    def my_test(self,cr, uid, ids, context=none):
        #your code comes here
        return True

    in your xml file add the button, for example <button name="my_test" string="MY test function" type="object"/>

  3. Button with type='action': If you want to open an action, for example open a wizard, then use this type of buttons. Here in xml provide the name of the button as id of the action you want to open

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try this

 'my_field': fields.function(_get_myfield, method=True, string='Reference', type='char'),
def _get_myfield(self, cr, uid, ids, field_name, arg, context=None):
         #your logic declared here
    return result
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What changes to be made in xml ? And can u give me some hint about syntax inside the func . I want to declare fields through my button –  Arsalan Sherwani Jul 4 '13 at 7:17

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