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Hello I've encountered one interesting piece of code on Ruby project I've just joined. I tried to google explanation what is causing behaviour that I'm experiencing, but without any luck.

I've got class definition like this

class Values
    First = 1,
    Second = 2,
    Third = 3

At other place there is call for value like this Values::First this returns


If I call Values::Second or Values::Third it correctly returns just single value. Can someone explain why it happens when lines are ended with comma character? Thank you for your answers.

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First off, these are constants not class variables.

The commas mean that this is the same as

First = 1, Second = 2, Third = 3

Which is the same as

First = 1, (Second=2), (Third=3)

This sets Second and Third but is otherwise the same as

First = 1,2,3

Which sets First to the array [1,2,3]

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Your syntax defines First as an Array, while also defining Second as 2 and Third as 3 in the process. Remove the commas to have First set to 1:

class Values
    First = 1
    Second = 2
    Third = 3
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Thanks a lot for explanation. –  lochness42 Jul 4 '13 at 7:47

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