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String s ="Ganesh";


When I run this, I get -1 for s.indexOf("ga") and 0 for s.indexOf("Ga")

I want to get 0 for both.

How to achieve this?

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You can convert the string you're looking for to lower or upper case when using indexOf, this way you'll always get the correct index regardless of casing

String s = "Ganesh";
String s2 = "ga";
String s3 = "Ga";


> 0
> 0

You can even put it into your own method like this:

public int indexOfIgnoreCase(String s, String find) {
    return s.toLowerCase().indexOf(find.toLowerCase());

Then you can use it like this:

String s = "Ganesh";

System.out.println(indexOfIgnoreCase(s, "ga"));
System.out.println(indexOfIgnoreCase(s, "Ga"));

> 0
> 0
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Unfortunately, there is no indexOfIgnoreCase() method, but you can achieve the same with using toLowerCase().

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use the toLowerCase() or the toUpperCase() method of the String class, before you use the indexOf().

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To use indexOf case-insensitive you can convert the Strings to lowercase first:

System.out.println("" + s.toLowerCase().indexOf("ga".toLowerCase()));
System.out.println("" + s.toLowerCase().indexOf("Ga".toLowerCase()));
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I think it's toLowerCase.. Can't edit due to some restrictions –  Harshavardhan Konakanchi Jul 4 '13 at 7:42
@HarshavardhanKonakanchi Thanks for the remark –  Uwe Plonus Jul 4 '13 at 7:48

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