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I have below html:

<div id="DetailsPanel" class="panel">
    <div class="body stack-calc">
        <div class="form stack-elem">
            <div class="field">
            //I want append my new Dynamically created DIV here
            <div id="BusinessUnitsContainer" class="field">


var mainDiv = document.createElement('div');
mainDiv.className = 'field';    

var innerDiv = document.createElement('div');
innerDiv.className = 'SelectAllCheckBox';

var newlabel = document.createElement("Label");
newlabel.innerHTML = "Select All";

var selectCheckbox = document.createElement('input');
selectCheckbox.type = "checkbox";
selectCheckbox.name = "selectCheckbox";
selectCheckbox.id = "selectCheckboxID";
selectCheckbox.checked = true;


var BusinessUnitsContainerID = document.getElementById('BusinessUnitsContainer');
var DetailsPanelID = document.getElementById('DetailsPanel');

I am getting "Error: NotFoundError: Node was not found"

Any idea

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Well, what's $? –  Hamish Jul 4 '13 at 8:06
I cleared the confusion, please suggest solution using javascript –  Manoj Singh Jul 4 '13 at 8:08
ANy reasons why downgraded...for type also? –  Manoj Singh Jul 4 '13 at 8:10
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You are using a mix of jQuery and native node insertBefore.

Using jQuery



In your code the problem is BusinessUnitsContainer is not a direct child of DetailsPanel element.

var BusinessUnitsContainerID = document.getElementById('BusinessUnitsContainer');

Demo: Fiddle

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