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I just want to understand how android apps update notification works. What are requirements for update notification to work (Google play store ,google services ??). Any useful link will be helpful.

I feel android has information of what are apps purchased by user, so when user connect to internet some service should look for updates available. If this assumption is correct then I want to know information about user owned apps is passed from device or kept server side ?? I wanted to know updates will work for a side loaded app or not.

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This is handled by the Play Store client. App history is associated with your Google account, that is why you can (automatically) install the same apps when you get a new device. It is kept on the server and cached on the device. Android keeps track of who installed a particular package (Play Store, side-load, etc.), but generally you can update an app as long as the updated is signed with the same certificate. Whether or not you will get notifications about side-loaded apps is entirely app to the Play Store app. Last I checked, it did show notifications, but you cannot rely on this. If you are dealing with side-loaded app, you'd better have your own update check mechanism.

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I was thinking of case when app goes as a preload. So as you said for preload updates are currently available but there is no guarantee for it. – user1875798 Jul 4 '13 at 9:18
If it is preloaded in /system/app it is treated as a system app, not a side-loaded one. Those would receive updates and the updates will be installed in /data/app. – Nikolay Elenkov Jul 4 '13 at 11:21

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