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I want to change the class of the div if the length LI is greater than 3. and if less than 3 then class name should be the default like "content" and if more than 3 then class name should be "scroll-content"

    <div class="classname">


i prefer using jQuery for this,

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$("ul").each(function() {
    .addClass($(this).children().length > 3 ? "scroll-content" : "content");

or maybe something like:

$("div.classname").each(function() {
  $(this).addClass($(this).find("ul").children().length > 3 ? "scroll-content" : "content");
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second solution is good –  Wasim Shaikh Nov 17 '09 at 6:08
$(function() {
    if ( $("div.classname > ul li" ).length > 3 )
    else if ( ...)
        // add another class
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It can be done with a single call and no conditionals

$('ul li:nth-child(4)')

This assumes your default class is 'content' as you suggested.

This call finds any ul with at least 4 children (i.e. more than 3), it then finds the closest div that is a parent, and removes the default class and adds the scroll-content class.

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