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I have a couple of UITextFields and a UISearchBar in my app that all have a ResignFirstResponder() on it so the keyboard would go away if the user touch the done/search button on the keyboard.

Now on the iPhone 3/4 versions everything works just fine on release. But on the iPhone 5 some of the controls just don't respond when clicking on them on release. If I debug on the iPhone 5 everything works just fine but in release mode it won't work.

Anybody got any tips/solutions? Xamarin products are all from the latest version.

-- Added code

The following part of the code the iPhone 5 is going wrong.

searchProducts = UISearchBar

searchProducts.ShouldEndEditing += delegate {

   return false;

If I comment this part of the code everything is working just fine (only the search button on the keyboard won't work).

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Can you post some code? Sounds like a device-only issue. – jonathanpeppers Jul 5 '13 at 15:41
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Fixed it to find the UITextField in UISearchBar and on that preform ResignFirstResponder.

searchProducts == UISearchBar

foreach (var item in searchProducts.Subviews)
   if(item is UITextField){
      var tf = item as UITextField;

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