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Problem: Using NIAttributedLabel in UITableViewCell with Action(tap, navigate)

  1. adding a link in label
  2. adding label to cell
  3. adding cell to model with action tap

Here is the problem, if I touch the label on the link, it actually does not show the link but act the tap action. But if I add a UIButton in UITableViewCell in the same way, the action does not happen and the button response when I touch on the button. So I guess it is the problem with the label. How can I solve it?

I figured out this finally;

  1. adding function to file NIAttributedLabel.m

    -(UIView *)hitTest:(CGPoint)point withEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
         // never return self. always return the result of [super hitTest..].
         // this takes userInteraction state, enabled, alpha values etc. into account
         UIView *hitResult = [super hitTest:point withEvent:event];
         // don't check for links if the event was handled by one of the subviews
         if (hitResult != self) {
             return hitResult;
         if (self.explicitLinkLocations || self.detectedlinkLocations) {
             BOOL didHitLink = ([self linkAtPoint:point] != nil);
             if (!didHitLink) {
                 // not catch the touch if it didn't hit a link
                 return nil;
         return hitResult;
  2. remove all [super touch XXXX] functions in all touchXXX;

then, it works!

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