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My web application uses a bunch of javascript files and I want to version them as and when different releases of my app are out. This is so that the users do not have to clean the cache everytime I publish a new js with my release.

Example for version 0.0.5 for my app I want all my js to be inside app/js/0.0.5/common/ etc

I am using maven. But have no clue how to automate this kind of versioning. I know one thing for sure, will need a replace plugin to replace all tokens in my jsps to the right version number at build time.

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You can force browser not to cache files that may update in future like this:

<script src="/app/js/0.0.5/common?nc=<generate unique string here>"></script>

so src will be different every time so browser will not cache this script

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THanks. if I change my version number (0.0.5 above) every time, will the browser cache the file ? /app/js/0.0.5/common.js and then /app/js/0.0.6/common.js etc.. will the browser be forced to use the latest one or will it used the cached one ? – Supra Jul 4 '13 at 11:29
Browser will use the latest one, because url changed in your case too – karaxuna Jul 4 '13 at 12:12

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