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Here is an abstract base class for many of my "Treatment" models (TreatmentA, TreatmentB, etc):

class TreatmentBase(models.Model):
    URL_PREFIX = '' # child classes define this string

    code = shared.models.common.RandomCharField(length=6) 

    class Meta:
        abstract = True

Each Treatment instance has a URL, that when visited by a user, takes them to a page specific to that treatment. I want to be able to create a Treatment in Django Admin, and immediately get this URL so I can send it to users. This URL can be created with the following method on TreatmentBase:

    def get_url(self):
        return '{}/{}/'.format(self.URL_PREFIX, self.code)

However, I am stuck with how to get this URL to display in Django Admin. I can think of the following solutions:

(1) Customize the display of the code field so that it becomes a clickable URL. Problem: I don't know how to do this.

(2) Add the get_url method to ModelAdmin.list_display. Problem: This means I would have to define a separate list_display for each of the child models of BaseTreatment, and I would have to explicitly list all the fields of the model, meaning I have to update it every time I modify a model, violating DRY.

(3) Add an extra field like this:

    url = models.URLField(default = get_url)

Problem: get_url is an instance method (since it needs to refer to the self.code field), and from my reading of the docs about the default argument, it just has to be a simple callable without arguments.

Any way to do this seemingly simple task?

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You could go with option 2 (adding to the admin display) but add it to the readonly_fields which may alleviate your DRY concerns when models changes.

Option 3 (the extra field) could also work if you override the save method setting the URL property. You'd either want to set the field as readonly in the admin or only set the value in the save method if it's currently None.

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