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I am new to regular expression. I have a requirement to validate a string in regular expression -

 Capital letters A-Z  '  - and space 

I am new to this regex concepts -

and tried  [A-Z,',-]*    -> Any character in this class [A-Z,',/]. any number of repeatitions.

I tried to verify and i am not very confident because i havent specified that this regular expression can validate spaces even.. I appreciate if someone can give suggestion or provide little info if i am missing something

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You don't separate chars with a comma in [], so you should use [A-Z' \-]* You need to use \- because '-' has special meaning inside [].

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Commas are not needed inside character class. So following should work for you:

[A-Z' -]+

Which means:

A-Z      - Capital letters from A-Z (Range)
'        - Single Quote
" "      - Space (double quotes only to show you space)
-        - Hyphen (must appear as 1st or last in character class in order to avoid escaping
[A-Z' -]+ - Match 1 or more of the above allowed characters
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You need to escape special chars:' and -

[A-Z\-\']* should work.

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For Capital letters A-Z ' - and space You could use [A-Z\s\'\-] \s is for space, \' is for ', \- is for - , comma is not needed

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