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I have a multimodule project, with one of the sub-modules depending on another as this:

pom.xml (parent pom)
+---- pom.xml (project A)
+---- pom.xml (project B) depends on A

I'm building it in jenkins, using the option "Incremental builds" (Maven job type). My problem is that when only project B has changes (that implies that jenkins is building ONLY project B), Jenkins is downloading latest snapshot from project A, instead of using binaries present in "target" directory of project A (generated in a previous build).

If full build is triggered, the problem goes away, and Jenkins uses correct binaries. Has anyone have the same problem?


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its not a problem, its the way maven operates. artifacts are always brought from the repository, even for multi-module builds. if you build the whole tree you just dont notice because the artifacts pulled from the local repo are the ones your build put there just a few minutes ago.

you'll get the exact same behaviour if you opened a command prompt to project B's root dir and executed a maven build from the command line - maven would look for A in the local repository (and the remotes, if not found) and wont look in A's /target directory.

if this was standard maven you could use maven's also-make flag from the root directory and tell maven to build project B and all of B's dependencies, which would make maven also build A.

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