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Consider the following scenario. There're two git repos, representing two versions of project P. Repo A has P v0.1 with some custom patches and repo B has P v0.2 without these patches. How to merge patches from A into repo B, using git? Or is it better to just manually check which files were modified and "import" patches by manually diffing all changed files?

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The beautiful thing in git is that a repo is a just repo, so you can pull a repo A branch from repo B just as if you did it from a remote

git remote add repoA /path/to/repoA/.git
git pull repoA

That's assuming they are on same filesystem. If they aren't you need to use some protocol. Probably easiest way is to

git daemon --base-path=path/to/one/dir/above/repoA --export-all

git remote add repoA git://<repoA_IP>/repoA
git pull repoA

shutdown daemon(Ctrl+C)

You need to enable traffic on port 9418. Unfortunately you may get various errors running it under windows, but at least some are fixable - you need to consult google for details.

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... or just zip it up and copy it... – G. Blake Meike Jul 4 '13 at 15:13
yeah, sure, but it was more about what can you do with git ;) – aryjczyk Jul 4 '13 at 19:00
yes, exactly. my point is that you don't need a network connection. since a repo is just a repo, just copy repoA to the machine with repoB, then use the solution from the first four lines of your answer. – G. Blake Meike Jul 7 '13 at 16:10

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