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I'm trying to create an animated sticky navigation, that moves to the top of the document when the user has scrolled past a certain point. It's almost working (and does so fine on the first page load), but when the user scrolls to the top and then scrolls down for a second time, the navigation jumps without the animation. Can anyone see what I've done wrong?

Here's my jQuery so far:

var x = true;
    if( $(document).scrollTop() > 150 ){
        x = false;
    }else if( $(document).scrollTop() === 0 ){
        x = true;
    if(x === false){
        $(".pinned").animate({marginTop:"0px"}, 200);

And here's a jsfiddle to demonstrate my problem and what I'm trying to achieve:

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the element style you're applying by using animate has a higher priority than the css rule – Kilian Stinson Jul 4 '13 at 11:37
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When jquery is doing the animation, it sets margin-top:0; after complete, so second time your css class .pinned with margin-top:-100px; has no effect...

You have to do few things:

  • remove any styles added to the .pinned element after the animation completes
  • run only one animation (check if the .pinned class is already added)
  • stop the animation when scrolled to top so jquery does not add any more styles


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absolutely perfect, thanks algiecas! – mmmoustache Jul 4 '13 at 11:57

You need to also remove your margin-top when you've scrolled back to the top of the page.

See my fiddle here; It's a bit temperamental - If you scroll too fast it doesn't seem to remove the margin-top, however, you get the idea.

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