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Seeing that Velocity's latest stable version was released at least two years ago, I was hoping the good people at SF would be able to suggest if this project is still actively maintained. I can see no hint to this other then a Velocity 2.0 project on JIRA that does not seem to have any activity.

c.f. Does Apache Velocity project have future or is it defunct? that was closed for some reason.

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How long a wait before you're convinced that the answer is "no"? What else needs to be added to a templating solution? Why not another choice like FreeMarker? –  duffymo Jul 4 '13 at 11:37

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Is GNU sed still an active project? The last release was 4.2.2 in December 2012, and before that 4.2.1 in June 2009, and 4.1.5 in 2006. Also, the maintainer announced his resignation from maintaining the project. Does that mean that GNU sed is a dead project that shouldn't be used anymore? Definitely not. It is a very mature project, with very few bugs and little left to improve or innovate. It is a well known piece of program, used in many scripts, and just because releases happen every 3 years or more, it doesn't mean that it is something to move away from. On the contrary, sed is a central piece of *nix utilities, and GNU sed is probably its best implementation.

While Apache Velocity is not as mature and well known as GNU sed, it is also a mature, stable software. There isn't much work being done not because there's nobody left to do that work, but because there's very little need of new work. Developers are happy with what they have, users don't complain of missing features, and downstream projects are happy, as far as I know.

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First, thanks for the detailed reply. Second, I think that the analogy is misleading: sed is a well established tool, velocity is a common library. Also, if I would be building a brand new system I would hardly use sed as my main building block. However, I get your point and will take this into my considerations. So thanks again. –  Nir Levy Jul 10 '13 at 6:27

It looks like the Apache Velocity community are working towards a 2.x release at some point (although I don't think there's a scheduled release date)

This link shows recent commit activity... I'd say it's active

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While the existing answers are very useful, you may find ohloh.net a useful resource for this kind of question. https://www.ohloh.net/p/velocity

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