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I would like to pick a class file(StartEngine.class) from my WEB-INF/classes and put in the root directory of my WAR file to get below structure


I used of maven war but its not copying it. Please help me if anyone has any solution for the same.


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It looks like your configuration needs to be reworked. First of all, I suggest reading this page for a better understanding of overlays. There are a couple of possible situation which aren't clear to me from your question:

  1. An overlay is supposed to come from a separate artifact. If you are indeed trying to pull in the StartEngine.class file from a separate artifact, then you'll need to add the groupId as well as the artifactId. Also since the class file is in a WEB-INF directory, then I'd suspect that this artifact would be of type 'war' (not jar).

  2. If you are trying to move a file that is already in the project, then an overlay is not what you should use. Moving a class file to the base of the war file isn't a standard layout and if you must do this, then I suggest looking at the maven resources plugin's copy resources goal

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