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I'm starting to learn assembly and I'm using the Art of Assembly Language book.

I'm having problems trying to run an example in the book. This is the program here:

program DemoVars;
#include( "stdlib.hhf" );

      InitDemo:     int32 := 5; 
      NotInitialized:   int32;

begin DemoVars;
// Display the value of the pre-initialized variable
stdout.put( "InitDemo's value is ", InitDemo, n1 );

// Input an integer value from the user and display that value
stdout.put( "Enter an integer value: " );
stdin.get( NotInitialized );
stdout.put( "You entered: ", NotInitialized, n1 );

end DemoVars;

When I try compile it, it gives me four errors at the lines where the program is suppose to print the values of the variables like:

stdout.put: unknown data type
<n1 is type "">.
Near: << > >>

This output type is not supported.
Near: << > >>

Could someone help me please.

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Fix: Change n1 to nl ("which is new line")

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