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I'm a newbie to this UNIX Timestamp concept. So got stuck with a little issue. I want to extract the Time(in hr:min:sec format and attached with am/pm word) from UNIX Timestamp (e.g. 1335959743). Can you help me in achieving the desired time format along with the string am/pm attached to it. Thanks in Advance.

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date('h:i:s A', $timestamp);

The "h" is lowercase to show time in format AM/PM. If you want 12/24, use "H" (uppercase).

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Thanks once again for your precious help. Your magic did the trick for me. I've marked your answer as right. –  PHPLover Jul 4 '13 at 12:47

The date function is what you need:

$timestamp = time();//or whatever your timestamp source is
date('h:i:s A', $timestamp);
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Been asked before converting-a-unix-timestamp-to-formatted-date-string

echo date("H:i:s a",$timestamp);
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