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I have a created a database on my SQLEXPRESS server called Database.

In this database are the default tables generated by mvc. They are:

UserProfile webpages_Membershio webpages_OAuthMembership webpages_Roles webpages_UsersInRoles

Now when i run my application I can register a user and login. and that works. So the application has access to these tables some how.

Now I am really struggling to write a view where i can add additional roles to the system.

How can I now access the database as well?

Sorry for the noob questions, But i have tried creating a dbclass under models and representing it there. But i am only having trouble and my thoughts are if the system can access it to log me in, cant i use the same method which it does?

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I assume you are using SimpleMembership.

If so, why not check out the following article. Should give you some good pointers.

Adding Security and Membership to an ASP.NET Web Pages (Razor) Site

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