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Im trying to add an 'active' class to elements, if a value on an object is set to 'true'

routeId = $routeParams.id

$scope.navigation = {
 'home' : routeId == 'home' ? true : false
 'articles' : routeId == 'articles' ? true : false
 'videos' : routeId == 'videos' ? true : false
 'misc' : routeId == 'misc' ? true : false

and then use

<li ng-class="{ active: navigation.home }">

the object DOES change according to routeId, yet there's no change in the VIEW. I tried many variations but maybe Im confusing something here?

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Try changing your object to return functions:

$scope.navigation = {
 'home' : function() { return routeId == 'home' ? true : false }

<li ng-class="{ active: navigation.home() }">
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Make sure to inject $routeParams into your controller. –  lucuma Jul 4 '13 at 13:33
$routeParams is injected in the controller, so I now use $routeParams.id instead of setting a variable outside the object, like I did before –  Nitsan Baleli Jul 4 '13 at 13:52

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