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how to define the static pricing in new payment system and how to pay? I defiened the price (defiend "USD"). But I use sterling to pay , it return error that is 'Sorry, there was a problem and we can’t complete your request. Please try again later'.Please tell me how to deal with it. Thanks.

<head prefix=
   <meta property="og:type"                   content="og:product" />
   <meta property="og:title"                  content="Golds" />
   <meta property="og:image"                  content="http://****/icon_box_1.png" />
   <meta property="og:description"            content="Coins!" />
   <meta property="og:url"                    content="http://****/product.html" /> 
   <meta property="product:price:amount"      content="0.1"/>
   <meta property="product:price:currency"    content="USD"/>
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