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My problem is that MySQL detects my function call as something like a local schema stored procedure call. I'm not sure how to explicitly specify that this is a MySQL system function (or otherwise how should I change the SQL).

My SQL code is:

set @p = GeomFromText('POINT(32.8303610 34.9743380)');
select OBJECTID FROM demog_yishuv_stat08_publish
where ST_Contains(demog_yishuv_stat08_publish.Shape, @p);

The response I get is:

Error Code: 1305. FUNCTION mySchema.ST_Contains does not exist

ST_Contains is however a MySQL function, not defined inside mySchema. This is the doc for ST_CONTAINS.

Any help: greatly appreciated!

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Make sure you are using MySQL 5.6.1 or later. ST_Contains was added in 5.6.1. From the doc you cited:

As of MySQL 5.6.1, corresponding versions are available that use precise object shapes. These versions are named with an ST_ prefix. For example, Contains() uses object bounding rectangles, whereas ST_Contains() uses object shapes.

Previous versions of MySQL provide a Contains function which uses the MBR of the two geometries, not their exact shape, for the test. This may work for you if you are unable to upgrade MySQL.

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Thanks! Indeed. – gkdm Jul 7 '13 at 11:03

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