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i am looking for a regular expression which only finds empty java comments like the following one:


Eclipse creates those when e.g. generating a serial version id... There is another thread about finding all comments however i didn't manage to adapt the regex to only "filter" out the empty ones.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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Try this:

\/\*\*[\s\t\r\n]*[ \*]*[\s\t\r\n]*\*/

Should match any string which starts with /**, ends with */ and contains only line breaks, spaces or asterisks in between.

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Perfect that did the trick! –  Lonzak Jul 4 '13 at 13:31



together with the Pattern.MULTILINE flag suffice?

It starts with whitespace (optional), then comes /** then there is only whitespace and * followed by */ optionally followed by more whitespace.

This is how it looks:

Regular expression image

Edit live on Debuggex

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Thanks for the link to debuggex - din't know that until now. Seems quite helpful especially for a regex padawan like me :-) –  Lonzak Jul 5 '13 at 6:43

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