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I'm using Eclipse Keplero in C++. I've a project that depends on other shared libraries.

To debug the application I've to add manully all dependency libraries, but this is very boring. So I thought that I can update PATH enviorment variable from "Enviorment" in "Run Configuration". I added the followin variable: PATH:${PATH};${workspace_loc}\library\lib\x64;${BOOST_X64_NATIVE}

BOOST_X64_NATIVE is an os enviorment variable (windows 7). But I've the following message: Reference to undefined variable PATH.

Well how can I set correctly enviorment variables on eclipse in a way I haven't to copy every time all dependencies.

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Just adjust the PATH enviorment variable: On Run Settings -> Enviorment adjust the PATH variable. Note if you want to use an existing enviorment variable you have to use ${env_var:NAME} where NAME is the name of the variable. So to add update the PATH befor the deployment of the program you have to add PATH variable ${env_var:LIBRARY_PATH};${env_var:BOOST_X64_NATIVE};${env_var:PATH}

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${env_var:PATH}..\mypath works – Val Nov 7 '13 at 16:05

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