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I have two instances of the same Camel-using web application deployed on two separate servers. Only instance A will receive certain external event notifications. I need to somehow inform instance B of this.

So far, I tried registering the route as follows:

RmiEndpoint endpoint= (RmiEndpoint) endpoint("rmi://remotehost:1199/foo");

and another route like this:

    <from uri="direct:rmi"/>
    <to uri="rmi://remotehost:1199/foo"/>

hoping that this will allow to invoke a method on bean bar on the remote server by sending messages to the local direct:rmi. when I try running this, I get no exceptions, but no effect either. The Camel examples on the site are horrible, referring to inexistent URI schemas and showing everything completely out of context, so I couldn't learn much from there. Yet, the little that they do explain is done exactly as above.

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There is an RMI example in the examples of the Apache Camel distribution. You can view the source code of this example online at: https://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf?p=camel.git;a=tree;f=examples/camel-example-osgi-rmi;h=c49b9a7727eb4fc8852343f2bef7d2ae71849adb;hb=HEAD

If you refer horrible to this page -> camel.apache.org/rmi then I fixed 2 dead links.

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