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I'm started using Debian7. And using Tp-Link (TL-WN722N) wireless card. But can't install driver. I have internet in my Windows. So I'm searched for "wireless driver package" or something that can install my wireless driver offlinely. But I can't find it? plz help me?? How can I install wireless driver for TL-WN722N??? (Sorry for my bad english)

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that WiFi module uses AR9271 chipset, I assume Debian should have ath9k_htc driver by default. But you need to install the firmware (if you don't have it) by executing

sudo apt-get update && apt-get install firmware-atheros

or you can download it from http://wireless.kernel.org/download/htc_fw/1.3/ then place it to the correct directory (usually /lib/firmware)

Then do modprobe ath9k_htc. Now the usb dongle should be working. you can verify it by iwconfig

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