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being a complete OpenGL newbie, I have a problem I do not understand how to solve. I am using JOGL, and trying to draw a disk, filled with a solid color and a different border color. My problem is obvious in the following image:

gluquadric disk

What I cannot understand is why I can still see the lines produced by GLU. The code that draws this is the following:

glColor3ub(r, g, b); // purple
gluDisk(quadric, 0, 50, 32, 2);

glColor3ub(r, g, b); // dark gray
gluDisk(quadric, 49, 50, 32, 2);

I suspect I have done something wrong with blending/anti-aliasing. When I disable anti-aliasing, the shape is drawn with solid color; however I need AA. I have set up AA and blending as shown below:




Finally, my GLCanvas is created with the following GLCapabilities:


Other than that, the Quadric rendering properties are the default. Does anybody understand what have I done wrong? I apologize for any information that might be missing! Thanks for reading!


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The culprit is GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH. Smoothing never worked painfree and artifacs like those you see are a result from that. A far better antialiasing method is multisampling. There's a tutorial at

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