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I have this byte array:

static byte[] buf = new byte[] { (byte) 0x01, (byte) 0x04, (byte)0x00, (byte)0x01,(byte)0x00, (byte) 0x01};

Now, the CRC checksum of this byte array is supposed to be 0x60, 0x0A. I want the Java code to recreate this checksum, however I cant seem to recreate it. I have tried crc16:

static int crc16(final byte[] buffer) {
    int crc = 0xFFFF;

    for (int j = 0; j < buffer.length ; j++) {
        crc = ((crc  >>> 8) | (crc  << 8) )& 0xffff;
        crc ^= (buffer[j] & 0xff);//byte to int, trunc sign
        crc ^= ((crc & 0xff) >> 4);
        crc ^= (crc << 12) & 0xffff;
        crc ^= ((crc & 0xFF) << 5) & 0xffff;
    crc &= 0xffff;
    return crc;


and convert them using Integer.toHexString(), but none of the results match the correct CRC. Could someone please point me in the right direction in terms of CRC formula.

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Use the following code instead:

// Compute the MODBUS RTU CRC
private static int ModRTU_CRC(byte[] buf, int len)
  int crc = 0xFFFF;

  for (int pos = 0; pos < len; pos++) {
    crc ^= (int)buf[pos];          // XOR byte into least sig. byte of crc

    for (int i = 8; i != 0; i--) {    // Loop over each bit
      if ((crc & 0x0001) != 0) {      // If the LSB is set
        crc >>= 1;                    // Shift right and XOR 0xA001
        crc ^= 0xA001;
      else                            // Else LSB is not set
        crc >>= 1;                    // Just shift right
// Note, this number has low and high bytes swapped, so use it accordingly (or swap bytes)
return crc;  

You may have to reverse your return CRC to get the right endianness, though. I even tested it here:


Using windows calculator or something you can see that the first result (from the above function call) gives the expected value (albeit reversed).

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Yep, it works, now all I have to do is reverse it. Thanks! –  GreenGodot Jul 5 '13 at 8:49

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