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I try to use the Angular-UI datepicker, but when i use the ui-date directive in my application code, i have this error : "TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'destroy'"

I don't understand why !

Somebody can help me ?

My application dependencies (manage with bower) for information:

"dependencies": {
    "angular": "*",
    "angular-mocks": "*",
    "angular-bootstrap": "*",
    "angular-ui-date": "*",
    "font-awesome": "*",
    "jquery": ">=1.8.2 <1.9.1",
    "jquery-ui": "*",
    "moment": "*",
    "moment-range": "*",
    "chardin.js": "*"


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You need to include jQuery before AngularJS scripts. Detail instructions for the step-by-step integration can be found in this question / answer: How to integrate AngularUI to AngularJS?

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In fact there is a conflict with an another lib : https://github.com/Toodledo/ADE

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