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Just curious if any one know the best "file type" to use to get .htacces file to work with Komodo Edit's markup short cuts.

Example: I want to comment a block of code, I highlight it and press CTRL+3. The markup is auto-added to comment out said block.

The problem, it doesn't add # at the beginning of each line, which of course is what I need.

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Found my answer!

It's just something easily overlooked.

  • Open the .htaccess file.
  • Look in lower right for the word Text with some arrows next to it
    • This is where you can change your file type on the fly (i do this a bunch)
  • Click it and scroll down the menu that pops up to Other
    • Hold cursor there a second and a second menu will appear
  • Near the top of the sub-menu that appeared is the word Apache
    • Select it!

That was EZ!

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