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What would happen if I update a table using INNER JOIN when the other table has multiple values matching the foreign key.

       customer.chosen_phone = phone.number
      customer c 
      phone p  
     ON = p.customer_id

id    chosen_phone
--    ------------ 
10    ?

customer_id  number
-----------  ------
10           555-123-4567
10           888-999-0000
10           111-222-3333

Thank you!

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I believe that the behaviour will depend on the RDBMS. But, the result would be that one of the values will be chosen arbitrarily –  Lamak Jul 4 '13 at 16:19
Do you have any further columns in the phone table that could help you to determine which to use? Ideally a preference indicated, but even a type such as Mobile / Home / Work and / or a timestamp it was added may be some help. –  ChrisProsser Jul 4 '13 at 16:43

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I'm not sure what database you are working on. Just tried this in Oracle and it returns an error 'single row sub query returns multiple rows'. As I suggested in the comments on the question, I would suggest looking for ways that you can determine the most appropriate phone number.

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In your case UPDATE will run 3 times
1) Phone will update to 555-123-4567
2) Phone will update to 888-999-0000
3) Phone will update to 111-222-3333

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