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I have created a class called Chat which is supposed to store and show chat messages on the screen. In my program I have created a thread that receives strings. When that thread receives a string, it is supposed to add that string to the chat with the help of a member function. But it seems like parts of, or even the complete string, is lost when the receiving thread tries to add the string. The member function works as intended when called from the main thread, and the received string is not corrupted inside the receiving thread so I figured the problem must be thread related. I am using a mutex to make sure the chat object is only used by one thread at a time. I pass a pointer to the Chat object when the receiving thread is initialized in the main function.



class Chat {
    const static int MAX_LINES = 25;
    int linewidth;
    sf::IntRect size;
    sf::Font font;
    sf::Text tempText;
    std::deque<sf::Text> chatlog;
    void add_string( std::string s );
    void render();

// inside the receiving thread...

while( !quit ) {
    sf::Packet packet;
    std::string receivedString;

    if ( socket.receive( packet, sender, port ) != sf::Socket::Done ) {
        // error...

    packet >> receivedString;
    p->add_string( receivedString );
void Chat::add_string( std::string s ) {
    // Move all other strings one line up.
    for( auto it = chatlog.begin(); it < chatlog.end(); it++ ) {
        sf::Vector2f temp = it->getPosition();
        temp.y -= linewidth;
        it->setPosition( temp );
    // Add the new string to the bottom of the chat.
    tempText.setString( s );
    int xPos = size.left;
    int yPos = size.top + size.height - linewidth;
    tempText.setPosition( sf::Vector2f( xPos, yPos ) );
    chatlog.push_back( tempText );

    if( chatlog.size() > MAX_LINES ) {


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Why are you calling chatMutex.unlock() instead of using lock_guard to do it? –  Jonathan Wakely Jul 4 '13 at 16:26
Post the add_string() definition. –  hmjd Jul 4 '13 at 16:27
I guess I was unaware of its existence, looks convenient. But shouldn't the mutex work my way also? –  user2551109 Jul 9 '13 at 21:06

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