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I am trying to output a list of objects with backbone / underscore, but I am getting a strange output in backbone. I am expecting a parsed data structure but as you can see what I getting back does not seem to be parsed in the right way. Any ideas?

Here is my json feed:

{"1":{"title":"Test Video Collection - blah (placeholder)","image":"imagenotavailable"},"2":{"title":"Camur Exerci Gemino","image":"public:\/\/gallery\/large\/imagefield_ieMdB8.jpg"},"3":{"title":"Abdo Nutus Sed","image":"public:\/\/gallery\/large\/imagefield_LtRKG1.png"},"4":{"title":"Quidne Vereor","image":"public:\/\/images\/video\/[current-date:custom:Y\/m\/d]\/imagefield_j7lGlq.jpg"},"5":{"title":"Ludus Ratis","image":"public:\/\/video-collections\/imagefield_aB3dpQ.png"},"6":{"title":"Appellatio Dolore Huic Vulputate","image":"public:\/\/gallery\/large\/imagefield_LtRKG1.png"}}

Here is my code:

 var itemModel = Backbone.Model.extend();
            var ItemList = Backbone.Collection.extend({
                model: itemModel,
                url: 'http://l.blahcouk.sandbox:8080/franchise/videocollection/date/'

            var ItemsView = Backbone.View.extend({
                template: _.template($('#bandlist_template').html()),
                render: function (eventName) {
                    _.each(this.model.models, function (items) {
                        var lTitle = items.attributes['title'];
                        var lTemplate = this.template(items.toJSON());
                    }, this);
                    return this;
            var lItems = new ItemList;
            var AppView = Backbone.View.extend({
                el: "body",

                render: function () {
                    var lItemsView = new ItemsView({
                        model: lItems
                    var lHtml = lItemsView.render().el;

                initialize: function () {
                    var lOptions = {};
                    lOptions.success = this.render;
            var App = new AppView;

This is the structure of the output:

 r {cid: "c2", attributes: Object, collection: r, _changing: false, _previousAttributes: Object…}
_changing: false
_events: Object
_pending: false
_previousAttributes: Object
attributes: Object
1: Object
2: Object
image: "public://gallery/large/imagefield_ieMdB8.jpg"
title: "Camur Exerci Gemino"
__proto__: Object
3: Object
4: Object
5: Object
6: Object
__proto__: Object
changed: Object
cid: "c2"
collection: r
__proto__: s
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Here's what's happening I think - your JSON is valid, but not what backbone is expecting. Backbone collections expect an array of objects, not an object with numeric keys. So, what you need to do is alter your json output to be more like...

{"title":"Test Video Collection - blah (placeholder)","image":"imagenotavailable"},{"title":"Camur Exerci Gemino","image":"public:\/\/gallery\/large\/imagefield_ieMdB8.jpg"},

Rather than

"1": {"title":"Test Video Collection - blah (placeholder)","image":"imagenotavailable"},
"2": {"title":"Camur Exerci Gemino","image":"public:\/\/gallery\/large\/imagefield_ieMdB8.jpg"},

If you cannot alter this output, there are ways around this problem.

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or if you don't have access to change the JSON, override parse in order to populate the collections and models correctly. – Dennis Burton Jul 4 '13 at 19:26

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